Welcome to Northside Animal Hospital.

Welcome to Northside Animal Hospital, A full service veterinary facility providing the finest professional health care for your pet. The staff at Northside offers the best in personal attention to you and your pet.


Our Products & Services

Our practice emphasizes preventive veterinary medical care through vaccinations, heartworm and parasite control, proper nutrition, and routine veterinary care. We have a lab that provides blood chemistries, complete blood counts, and radiological analysis, as well as routine worm checks. Our surgery facility offers routine spays and neuters as well as soft tissue surgery, orthopedic procedures, cosmetic surgery, as well as dental prophylaxis. We maintain a supply of prescription diets and flea control products. We welcome your questions concerning the care of your pet.

About Us

Northside Animal Hospital was established by Morris Hill, DVM in the early 1950's at our present location, 2015 North Queen Street. At that time the business was a mixed animal practice serving cows, horses, pigs, sheep, as well as companion pets. In 1983 Jimmy Shaver, DVM joined Dr. Hill in the practice. Dr Shaver bought the practice in 1991 when Dr. Hill retired.


Over the years veterinary practice has changed. In the 1950's we served all species of animals. Today our practice is limited to companion animals, cats and dogs. Today we have better diagnostic capablities, more sofisticated treatment regimes, and better understanding of disease processes.Today pet's life span has increased dramatically through proper immunizations, better nutrition, and good veterinary care.